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Vrindavan Hernia Institute & Piles Centre

Vrindavan Hernia Institute & Piles Centre was established in 1981. It has 2000 square feet office place including fully equipped Hernia O.T. Separate Piles Theater. More than 16,000 Inguinal Hernias are operated under L.A; on an average 10% patients needed sedation with local Anesthesia. Read more...
Vrindavan Institute
Doctor Upendra V. Mehta

Dr. Upendra Mehta

Dr. Upendra V. Mehta started Vrindavan Hernia Institute & Piles Center in 1981 at Kandivali (W), after Passing Master of Surgery from Mumbai University. In 30 Year this institute has successfully treated 27,000 Hernia & Piles Patients. Institute has well equipped Modern Operation Theater & Comfortable Rooms. It is Manned by very efficient, Polite, caring Staff, to serve Hernia & Piles Patients with atmost care. Dr.Upendra Mehta has operated over 16,000 Hernia patients under local Anesthesia, with excellent Result & 0.1% Recurrence Rate. Dr. Upendra Mehta has operated one month Child to 105 years old man for Hernia at Vrindavan Hernia Institute & Piles Center. Over 750 Patients above 80 years are operated successfully. Hundreds of patients with weight above 100kg. ( upto 135 kg.) have been operated successfully at Vrindavan Hernia Institute & Piles Center. Thousands of Heart Patients, Asthma Patients are operated successfully under local Anesthesia for Hernia Surgery at Vrindavan Hernia Institute.